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We are volunteers working to inform, educate, & mobilize Bellingham neighbors for safe, comfortable, equitable, & healthy streets – connecting us to the places we want to go – whether we walk, pedal a bike, push a stroller, or move by wheelchair.

Our Vision & Mission

Our mission is to create a safer, healthier, and more livable city by improving and expanding our active transportation system through policy, infrastructure, and awareness.  Walk and Roll Bellingham envisions a future where everyone in Bellingham can comfortably walk, pedal, and roll anywhere they want to go.

Among other things, we focus on Bellingham’s Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plans, which can help ensure safe, well-connected, networks that provide access for all ages & abilities – with infrastructure that is inviting to use.

Our Board

Laura Weiss bio

Laura Weiss

Laura grew up biking around the suburbs of New Jersey, and then just kept going. She has ridden across the U.S., done a number of overseas bike tours, and almost always chooses to ride for the short trips needed in every day life. In 2010 she started a bicycle-based business in Portland. Now she's happy to call Bellingham home and is excited to help make this place even better for all modes of transportation.

Jamin Agosti bio

Jamin Agosti

Jamin grew up in the PNW and Alaska and returned to Bellingham in 2022. He enjoys bikepacking, mountain biking, and exploring Bellingham by bike. Jamin is excited to help Bellingham grow as a bikeable, walkable, vibrant community.

Robin Thomas bio

Robin Thomas

Robin returned to Bellingham after a 30 year hiatus, after stints working as a Restoration Ecologist, educator and trail builder around the Puget Sound and serving in the Peace Corps in Paraguay. She is glad to be home again and riding her bike around town and in the hills. She is working to strengthen community connections in her Sehome neighborhood, and loves to be engaged in making her place a better place to live and thrive.

Sonja Max bio

Sonja Max

Sonja has lived in Bellingham for over 10 years, and in the greater Pacific Northwest since 1992. Bicycles have always been a significant part of her life, whether commuting to downtown Seattle or riding the remote gravel roads of Skagit County. Sonja wants to see active transportation become accessible and welcoming to everyone and believes it is the key to a vibrant, clean, healthy community. Sonja also serves on the Whatcom County Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee and the Whatcom County Parks Commission.

Jim Fonte bio

Jim Fonte

Jim was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs. He discovered the freedom of riding my bike as a child and continues to enjoy the freedom that biking allows into his adult life. Jim commuted to college on the south side of Chicago on his bike which was a 48 mile round trip through the streets of the south side of Chicago. After graduation his future wife and he rode from San Fransico to Seattle, covering 1200 miles in 18 days. They were splitting the year in Michigan and Florida before to moving to Bellingham four years ago. Upon moving here Jim purchased a cargo style ebike and sold his car embracing, the ebike lifestyle. He uses his bike for almost everything including hauling a kayak and Mountain bike to Galbraith. I look forward to helping shape and improve the bike friendliness of Bellingham.

David Urbina bio

Davíd Urbina

Davíd’s advocacy work centers on reframing transportation policy and planning through a sustainable lens to create healthy, connected, and thriving communities. He manages strategic and innovative active-transportation focused programs to improve mobility and quality of life for all. He has expertise in intentional coalition building to achieve collective impact that fuels urban vibrancy and community resilience. He is excited to bring these skill sets to Walk and Roll Bellingham to work toward a collective vision where Bellingham residents feel safe and seen as they navigate the city’s transportation network by foot, bicycle, or other means of non-vehicular transportation. He lives sandwiched between the Columbia Neighborhood and the Cornwall Park Neighborhood in town with his wife and two children. You will likely see them biking around town as a family unit on any given day.
Laura Weiss
Rhys Faler
Robin Thomas
Sonja Max

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Please send us an email. We are committed to maintaining a welcoming environment in which all individuals are treated with fairness, respect, and dignity.

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